Tourism In Baltimore Maryland – Major Attractions And Things To Do

31 Jan by frc1tou

Tourism In Baltimore Maryland – Major Attractions And Things To Do

There’s quite a lot of history in Baltimore MD. You’re going to see that as you visit the top places of interest in the city. To get around, make sure you check out the water taxis that are available. They make for quite the neat experience. Just wait until you see what I’ve got lined up to show you in terms of the top attractions in Baltimore, Maryland.

Fell’s Point is a historic district, and we’re talking the 18th century. Yes, you’re going to see cobblestone streets, and there are quite a few historic buildings to visit as you can imagine. You will find antique shops there, coffee houses and so much more. You’ll even see that there are street fairs there. You know you are going to run into some fun if you visit Fell’s Point, and you might as well see one of the most popular historical places in Baltimore MD.

The Maryland Science Center is another great pick. Its location is 601 Light Street, and people say that there are lots of interactive exhibits there. Reviews definitely point to the fact that The Maryland Science Center is a place the kids will love. It certainly sounds like family fun.

Then there is Little Italy, which is right by the harbor. That’s fitting, don’t you think? You’re going to find some neat shops there, and you’re going to find some great food, too. Little Italy isn’t the only popular niche neighborhood to visit, as you already know. I’ve told you about two, Fell’s Point and Little Italy, but there are more. Chipparellis is one of the popular places to eat in Little Italy, just so you have a good reference point.

The Baltimore Museum of Industry is a unique place to stop by and check out. All types of industries are covered there, even food canning. Video game design is mentioned, and there are interactive exhibits. This museum is located at 1415 Key Highway, and you’re going to learn quite a lot about the city of Baltimore.

It’s great when you get to learn about a city and have fun, too. Anywhere you go in Baltimore is going to teach you about the city to be sure. You’ve got to pick the places of interest that best match how you want to have fun on your vacation. I hope my picks have helped pave the way at least a little.